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I have started a new project. It is tentatively entitled 

This Book Contains Nothing but Lies:

Bizarre, Weird and Peculiar Paradoxes.


It will cover paradoxes from philosophy, maths, economics, psychology, political science, physics, linguistics, theology etc.

I use the word 'paradox' somewhat lightly. Many of the chapters only seem to describe paradoxes but eventually reveal themselves as simple mis-understandings.


The book is aimed at the general reader and each chapter will be short (1000 words +/- 200). The texts you see here are still in draft form. If you would like to point out errors, shortcomings, comments etc. Please write "Paradoxes" and the name number in the subject line.

You can find some of the paradoxes               .


I would be very happy to hear your comments, corrections and other observations.               


If you write, please add the name and number of the paradox to the subject line. I won't be entering corrections and additions to the website, but will keep a record of them for the final product.

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