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As far as I know, I have no Erdös number,

but my Sigmund Freud number is 4:

(Sigmund > Eitingon > Gumpel > Schossberger > George)

About Me

After finishing business school, I worked as a management consultant for McKinsey & Co. for a while, but soon found out that business life was not for me. (I did enjoy flying around Europe, though.) Upon completion my Ph.D. I taught finance and decision sciences at the Wharton School (U of Penn), the Hebrew University and the University of Zurich until I realized that the ivory towers were not for me either. During my time in academia I wrote about 30 research papers for professional journals.


In 1987 I started writing for the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung.” I soon realized that this was the kind of work that I liked most! After the founding of the weekly “NZZ am Sonntag” in 2002 I wrote a monthly column on mathematics for seven years. (More about the NZZ here.)

I usually did my writings on science and mathematics during the night, after the newspaper deadline. This gave me respite whenever the situation in the Middle East became too frustrating.

In 2012, I was re-assigned to New York City, to cover the West and East Coast. I retired in 2015 but continue to write freelance for the NZZ.

Most of my time is spent, however, working on BECAUSE IT'S THE LAW!

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