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In October 1998 I covered a conference on symmetry in the arts and sciences in Haifa, in northern Israel. There I met Tom Hales who had just announced a proof of Kepler's conjecture. A few months later the idea struck me to write a book about the story.

After three years the manuscript was finished and the editing process started. My editor at John Wiley & Sons, Jeff Golick, very ably turned the manuscript into a publishable book. However, as is usual, much material had to remain on the cutting floor. "What a shame," I thought to myself, and decided to present the "deleted scenes" as bonus material to interested readers.

Praise for George G. Szpiro’s Kepler’s Conjecture: How some of the greatest minds in history helped solve one of the oldest math problems of the world

“...describes very vividly and extremely lucidly the fascinating history of this tantalizing problem ... a paradigm of mathematical popularization. ”  


“ an entertaining and readable account of the history of the problem and the attempts to solve it. ... a mixture of mathematics, history and anecdotes. ... Even people familiar with the subject will find new anecdotes here.”  


“ invigorating affirmation of math’s endless allure.”

New Scientist

“...a well-crafted piece of popular science writing ... a wonderful mine of historical detail. Szpiro offers lively vignettes ... displays his investigative talents for digging up unlikely stories and [has] a professional eye for the telling detail”

The Mathematical Intelligencer

“...a wonderful book, chock full of interesting mathematics, biography and drama, I enjoyed and learned a lot from every section, as would, I think, anyone interested in mathematics.”

 —Notices of the American Mathematical Association

“Szpiro has the gift of explaining complex mathematical concepts in a way that makes them comprehensible and even exciting.”

Sydney Morning Herald

“...the perfect balance of tone between mathematical explanation and historical exposition....”         

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Here are some of the "deleted scenes," unedited material that had to be cut because the book was getting too long. But I suggest you read the relevant chapters in the book first. The "deleted scenes" and the  "bonus material" may not make too much sense if read on their own. 

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